Golden Pothos Rooted Plant Clippings

Golden Pothos Rooted Plant Clippings

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Commonly known as Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy, these Epipremnum Aureum propagations are shipped with healthy, bare roots. 

Devil's Ivy is a tropical vine with shiny heart-shaped leaves that can have rich golden/yellow markings called variegation. This plant is native to French Polynesia and is known around the world as one of the most popular and easiest house plants to care for. This plant can thrive in very low light and will tolerate a missed watering, making this green gem perfect for novice plant parents! It's growing habit is great for draping across shelves, climbing up walls, or a simple hanging basket. With it's vigorous growth and hardiness, Pothos has been known to grow indoors reaching lengths of over 60 feet long and can live for 20+ years!

Pothos is a NASA approved air-purifier and has been used on space stations to remove VOCs from the air. VOCs are toxic compounds released as a gas by many household fixtures such as paint, glues/adhesives, building materials, pesticides, formaldehyde, and non-organic household cleaners/disinfectants/air fresheners.

All parts of this plant contain calcium oxalate. These are microscopic crystals that can be mildly toxic, causing swelling of the mouth and throat, irritation, and intestinal discomfort if ingested. Please keep out of reach of curious children and your feathered, scaled, or four-legged family members.

No chemicals or pesticides have been applied to our plants. We do not ship with soil as it can carry bacteria or pests. 

 Helpful info:

* Easy care

* Perennial

* USDA Zone (10-11)

* Enjoys temps in the 60-85 degrees F range

* Can survive up to 50 degrees F

* Enjoys low to bright indoor light. Do not place in direct sun for it will burn the leaves

* Place in a well draining pot

* Use an organic indoor potting soil

* Keep soil moist and water when top 2 inches of soil is dry

* In cooler months, move your Pothos away from cold and drafty windows

* To maintain a bushy look, trim any leggy pieces and propagate by cutting below a node. Place in water or back into soil.

* If leaves are yellowing, it could be a sign of over watering or root bound.